Celine Van Zeebroeck


Algeria recently adopted rules for drones. Presidential Decree 21-285 of July 13, 2021 established the general framework governing unmanned aircraft systems (“UAS”) and became effective as of its publication on July 18, 2021 (“New Decree”). However, Executive Decree No. 09-410 of December 10, 2009 on the safety rules applicable to activities on sensitive equipment will remain in force until the publication of the implementing texts of the New Decree. UAS owners have 12 months to declare existing equipment. The New Decree governs the manufacture, acquisition, import, export, sale, transfer, possession, reform, and use of all unmanned aircraft systems except those used for national defense purposes. UAS used for recreational or competition purposes must have a mass less than or equal to 2 kilograms (Category 1) and must be equipped with a geo-monitoring system and an electronic identification system. UAS may be used for commercial or other purposes, namely, (i) aerial…